Dagger Joe Coffee Light Roast Ground Coffee “Smooth Operator”, Chocolate Notes, Nutty, Creamy Flavor & Rich Aromas, Hand Selected & Roasted Beans, For Coffee Lovers, Pour Over, French Press & More

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Manufacturer Description

Dagger Joe Coffee (A Veteran Owned Company) presents gourmet coffee at its finest. Our beans are roasted to perfection and specifically chosen to provide robust, smooth flavor. We proudly roast and pack our Elite Roasted Coffee in Tampa, FL

Finally, The Richest In Aromas Yet Light In Flavor Ground Coffee Is Sealed In A Bag! Coffee Enthusiasts Wait No More!

Tired of poorly tasting coffee?

Can't wait to wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee?

Looking for ground coffee that is both rich yet light in flavor?

If so, then you should keep on reading. We have the greatest and most natural coffee beans roasted and ground for you!

Taste gourmet coffee at its finest! And all of these in the comfort of your living room!

Boost Your energy With A Dagger Joe Coffee!

Combining rich aromas, light nutty flavor and smooth chocolate notes, this ground coffee is here to accommodate even your most demanding needs.

Discover our marvellous selection of various coffee blends and enjoy endless hours of happiness with a cup of our coffee in your hands!

Packed with flavor, our ground coffee can help you stimulate your brain and replenish your energy banks!

Here's Why This Ground Coffee Bean Bag Is What You Are Looking For:

• Premium quality handpicked and perfectly roasted ground coffee.

• For French press, pour over, cafeterias, restaurants, baristas, coffee diehards, office, and home!

• Large 12 Oz coffee bag. More coffee means more pleasure!

• Air sealed bag! Preserves freshness and aromas for much longer.

• Taste smooth chocolate, subtle nutty flavor and creamy notes from the very 1st sip.

• Brighten up your mood, improve focus and alertness!

Product Features

GET YOUR MORNING COFFEE BOOSTER: If you are looking for the finest and richest in flavor ground coffee beans, then you should end your search here! Our "Smooth Operator" ground coffee is here to add taste and flavor in your morning routine! With just one sip, taste solid yet light flavors reaching your mouth and soul. DISCOVER ITS MANY USES: Forget about fatigued faces and cranky morning mood with one cup of our ground coffee. This coffee is a must have for all coffee lovers! Perfect for pour over coffee making, French press and even cooking and baking little treats or cakes. Add a colourful and full of taste touch to your day! LOCK FRESHNESS INSIDE: All of our coffee bags either with beans or ground coffee are meticulously sealed in air value bags. Preserve all the flavors, rich aromas and taste for much long. Never compromise with anything else than perfection when picking your ground coffee! Discover how real coffee tastes like! CAREFULLY HANDPICKED & ROASTED: Each coffee bag contains 12 Oz of ground coffee. All of the beans are carefully handpicked in Brazil and then smoothly roasted here in the USA. No more worries about bitter aftertaste or stale flavors. Try one cup today and cherish chocolate, light nutty and creamy notes all at once! STAY ALERT: Enjoy a cup of our ground coffee every day and stimulate both body and mind! Boost your energy levels, stay alert, and feel more cheerful again! Pleasantly surprise your family and friends with a heavenly tasting cup of Dagger Joe Elite Craft coffee!

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