T&Co. STOUT Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit - 80 Micron WOVEN filter, STAMPED lid, gaskets, instructions - Cold brewed coffee/iced tea kit - Mason jars as a coffee concentrate pot/pitcher - Ditch the bags!

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Manufacturer Description

Trellis + Co. - Freshly Engineered Elegance
We are a family business created by a bioengineer living on a homestead in one of the remotest areas in the Lower 48. When "running to the store" is a 4-hour drive, every purchase must be a robust and functional investment. Here at Trellis + Co. we design products worth investing in.

Why Our System?
We didn't just take a bunch of other products and combine them in a kit, we designed our brewing system with mason jars in mind from the ground-up! This is the most elegant, durable, and simple cold brew system out there because we designed it that way!

Why Mason Jars?
When not in use, mason jars take up a lot of space so we reuse them as often as possible. We live in a small space so having a special pitcher or other apparatus just for cold brew seemed ridiculous and expensive! When your filter isn't in use, just store it inside one of the mason jars in your cupboard.

Why 100% Stainless Steel?
We avoid plastics because we always break them and they absorb smells. Stainless steel lasts forever and can be scrubbed until the cows come home if necessary! Pro bioengineers use 100% stainless steel, why shouldn't you?

What's In The Package?
1X Heavy-Duty Woven Wire Filter (304 Stainless Steel)
1X Precision-Stamped Wide Mouth Lid (316 Stainless Steel)
1X Silicone Gasket for Filter (Food Grade)
1X Silicone Gasket for Lid (Food Grade)
Hand-stamped box with instructional insert & recipe
This kit does not include mason jars.

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Product Features

LESS SLUDGE, MORE STRENGTH: Make cold brew knowing that you are getting the least amount of sludge possible by brewing with our proprietary 80-micron pore size WOVEN WIRE filter that is crazy strong. You can stand on it! This is not a flimsy screen mesh found in other 130-micron "filters"! LEAKPROOF BREWING: We've traveled with our kit on hundreds of miles of gravel roads and never had a leak or crushed filter! We include a gasket for the infuser and a separate travel lid gasket to turn your mason jars into on-the-go coffee mugs while you're not brewing. INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: Our hand-stamped, perfect-as-a-gift box includes detailed starter instructions and a fun cold brewed recipe. It's compatible with any wide mouth quart (1:2 max. coffee ratio) or half gallon jars (1:4 max. coffee ratio) you already have on hand. Want a smaller cup? Tip our leak-proof brewer upside down to ensure full coffee grounds submersion in partial batches. BEST SEAM = EASIEST TO CLEAN: Our WOVEN WIRE filter has the cleanest seam on the market (no wild wires poking out to stab you or your sponge). How do we know? We do a 100% hand inspection ourselves! This means that it's the easiest filter out there to wash and handle: Just spray it out and move on with life, no messy cloth bags! SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS: We are a rural family business run by a group of friends who love cold brewed coffee and tea. We design, test, and package our products here on our homestead in Southern Utah, pride ourselves on highly-responsive and personal customer service, and we back all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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