Manual Coffee Grinder- Hand Conical Coffee Bean Grinder With Ceramic Mechanism by Flafster Kitchen- Portable Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Mill With Folding Stainless Steel Handle - Accessories

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Manufacturer Description

??🛑??Are you tired of the prepackaged and pre-ground coffee that either has artificial flavor added to it or it has lost its flavor?


Flafster Kitchen hand crank coffee grinder is excellent choice for both people who drink their coffee on the go and those who want to enjoy every sip on the beach, mountain or work!


ALL YOU NEED FOR A MEAN CUP OF COFFEE! Every accessory in Flafster Kitchen hand crank grinder set has been selected carefully by our family. The storage bag is completely customized for the grinder! The stainless steel coffee scoop won't get rusty! The brush will help you maintain the coffee mill! The art set is for the parents who want to put a smile on their kids' faces on a Sunday morning or for those of us who want to improve their instagram feed!


ONLY THE BEST QUALITY! The hand coffee grinder is made of stainless steel. Unlike other hand grinders on the market, Flafster Kitchen burr coffee bean grinder comes with STAINLESS STEEL FOLDABLE handle!


CHOSEN WITH CARE! Every part of the burr coffee grinder and all the accessories have been carefully chosen and tested- at our own home! Perfect for cappuccinos, lattes and the so much needed turkish coffee on a Monday morning! Did I mention that my kids love their milk powdered with cocoa and decorated with the coffee stencils?! We designed the measurement mark ourselves- because we care and have a real passion for all we do!


ELEGANT DESIGN! We have spent a great amount of time to create the perfect design for the perfect gift! And because every gift must be nicely packaged- we have also thought about that and chosen a nice packaging design matching every personality, age and walks of life!


BUY IT NOW! Thank me later!

Product Features

??QUALITY: Flafster Kitchen Manual Burr Coffee Grinder is made of the highest quality stainless steel to meet the highest quality standards and make your kitchen look sleek and stylish and ensure premium and unique experience; The acrylic container with measurements ensures the easy cleaning of the coffee grinder and allows you to see the amount of ground coffee; All details have been carefully designed by our own family

👌ADJUSTABLE COARSENESS: The ceramic grinder has different levels of operation to ensure that all needs are met regardless of your preference: Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Herbs; Please note that it does take longer to grind the coffee beans with a manual coffee grinder than with an electric one, however, the taste is much better preserved and the extra minute grinding is well worth at the end

👍THE FULLEST HAND COFFEE GRINDER SET: Flasfter Kitchen manual coffee mill is the only one on the market that offers coffee stensils in addition to the cleaning brash, coffee scoop and a travel/ storage bag.The art set will help you make an Instagram ready images of your morning coffee or entertain the children in your family if used over milk. The cleaning brush will help you clean the ceramic burr to ensure its life longevity; the scoop is made of high quality stainless steel

🔝INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The hand coffee bean grinder has an ergonomic antislid design which ensures the perfect grip; an innovative stainless steel folding handle that unlike zinc handles won`t get rusty, the bolt on the handle ensures that the handle will never get off while grinding which will save you time and headaches from trying to secure the handle back to the body of the manual coffee grinder- after all all the grinder should not only be stylish but practical as well

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our stainless steel hand coffee burr grinders are not just regular manual coffee mills and are backed up by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty; The factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers: GA Exclsuive Inc; The manual coffee grinder and all accessories are very easy to use but we have included an easy-to-follow instructions and a troubleshooting guide;

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