NOFDA Cold Brew Coffee Tea Filter Mesh Maker with Sealing Ring Reusable Coffee Filter- Our Cold Brew Mason Jar Filter Fits All Wide Mouth Mason Jars.

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Manufacturer Description

Easy to use
1. Pour coffee grounds and water into the filter.
2. Cover and allow to steep for 12-24 hours.
3. Remove the filter and discard the grounds, enjoy!

The cylindrical wide-bottom design allows for a high ratio of coffee grounds. The more grounds, the richer the concentrate. And as the poet and philosopher Tupac Shakur once wrote, "the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice." And we couldn't agree more.
The included silicone seal will help you get your concentrate even richer as you can shake the jar worry-free to properly wet the grounds.

Coffee is for those of us who prefer less acid and more flavor. The cold brew process uses time rather than heat to extract oils, sugars, and caffeine from the grounds. The end result is less bitter allowing you to finally bask in Coffee's truest flavors.
Our filter is made from a durable, food grade stainless steel wire, it has a special weave designed to invite yummy goodness from the grounds while keeping them out of our coffee.

Multifunctional brewing kit

This kit can be used with a 24 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz, or 64 oz wide-mouth mason jar.
It can also be used to infuse water with fruits, spices and oils or make sun tea. You can use this system for any type of loose leaf tea. You are only limited by your imagination as the Coffee Filter is perfect for all your cold brew and infusion needs.

Package Contents:
- Stainless steel filter
- Spoon
-Seal ring

Product Features

1,MAKE PERFECT SUPERIOR COLD BREW COFFEE - Cold Brewing Your Coffee Or Tea Provides A Far Superior Product Taste Experience. Our Convenient Stainless Steel Reusable Filter Allows You Brew Professional Coffee & Tea In The Comfort Of Your Home. 2,EASY TO USE - This Cold Brew Coffee Maker Makes The Brewing Process Easier Than Ever. Just Put Coffee In The Filter, Add Cold Water, Tighten Down The Mason Jar Lid And Let It Brew Overnight. Enjoy Over Ice And Milk Or Add Hot Water To The Concentrate And Experience Hot Coffee The "Cold Brew" Way. 3,SAVES YOU MONEY - Don't Waste Money On Expensive Coffee Makers And Disposable Filters. Inexpensive Mason Jars And Our Reusable Filter Are All You Need To Ensure A Smooth Less Acidic Cup Of Coffee Or Tea. 4,HIGHEST QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - 304 Stainless Steel Construction Assures You Of A Safe, Durable And Dishwasher Safe, Easy To Clean Product. The Fine Mesh Filter Allows For The Use Of Finely Ground Coffee, Ensuring A Smooth No Grit Finish 5,REUSABLE VERSATILE MULTI-USE FILTER - Perfect for making cold brew coffee and tea and for infusing your water with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Infuse your soda as well by adding fruit, herbs and spices as the fine mesh ensures your drink receives all the flavor and aromas of y

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